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Ai Giorgis Mantilas

A custom to honor of Ai Giorgis (Agios Georgios). The name “Mantilas” was added because every year at the celebration of the name day of Agios Georgios, residents of the village, the region but also visitors from all over the Greece honor the Saint by offering a handkerchief (mantili) and they take a piece as an amulet, from those that were there for a year, and the climbers bring them down and those who manage climb to the dilapidated monastery. At the same time with this taking up and bringing down the handkerchiefs, the Mass is held at the small church of Agios Georgios.

The custom started many years ago when a Turkish soldier or army officer, was cutting some trees in the grove of Agios Georgios that existed under the hermitage of Agios Georgios.  During the cut a trunk crashed down on him resulting to his serious injury. Then the Turk’s wife finding him injured, took off her scarf (hijab) and she «vowed» (offered) it to the Saint so as her husband could get well. Immediately a resident of Kastraki brought it up to the monastery and the Turk got well.

Since then this custom is practiced every year at Kastraki where the young people make a very difficult ascent, by exchanging the old handkerchiefs with the new ones offered as vows. The custom of Agios Georgios Mantilas showσ us also the connection of the local population with the rocks climbing.

Tour of Daphne - The Divine Ride

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Tour of Daphne


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Tour of Daphne - The Divine Ride

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For the Ancient Greeks, it was the norm to welcome and take care of the stranger by offering them shelter. They believed in the right of hospitality and they considered it as their moral obligation and holy rule of the Gods. The Greek god Zeus is sometimes called Zeus Xenios — as he was also a protector of travellers. The foreigners they were thought to have been sent by the Gods, they were considered to be holy persons, valuable and respected. 

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