The cosmopolitan island of Corfu is the northwesternmost and the most famous island in the Ionian Sea, as well as one of the most popular and populated islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Corfu is listed among the most important islands as far as tourism is concerned.


  Corfu is characterized by its Venetian air and its luxurious character and it satisfies a variety of interests, such as the interest for nature, history and archaeology. Corfu has a rich cultural and historical inheritance, while it is a place of inspiration for fine arts. Corfu is a unique puzzle that captures the heart and the mind of its visitors. Its natural beauty, the ideal climate, the crystal blue sea, the green hills, the golden beaches, the traditional villages, the picturesque ports, the interesting sites and the one of kind gastronomy are the pieces that compose this marvellous puzzle.

  The homonymous capital of the island is considered to be a museum city. It is a place with a rich artistic tradition and, given the variety of European impacts, is the most successful result of the Greek and Western architecture. The historical city centre is well preserved and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  The imposing neoclassic buildings are of rare beauty and value. The royal palaces, the fortresses, the museums, the libraries, the art galleries, the churches, the interesting public buildings and private villas, the public and private archaeological places, the romantic narrow streets paved with cobblestones, known as kantounia, the arch arcades set the scene for a costume drama!

In Corfu, it was established the first Greek University, the Ionian Academy, the first philharmonic orchestra and the first Art School in Greece.

What you should see:

  • The Old Venetian Citadel or Old Frourio as it is called in Greek is a Byzantine construction that dates back to the 8th century B.C. It was built in order to protect the city from the numerous attacks back in the Middle Ages.
  • The New Citadel or Neo Frourio, as it is called in Greek, is another representative example of the fortification ability of the Venetians and it is also a miracle of architectural art.
  • The historical city centre.
  • The famous narrow streets paved with cobblestones, known as kantounia, in the Kampielo area.
  • The Spianada square, the biggest in South-Eastern Europe and one of the largest in Europe.
  • The old and magnificent Palace of Saints Michael and George, which houses art exhibits including the Museum of Asian Art.
  • In the island, there are numerous and impressive churches, including the city’s cathedral of Saint Theodora, where the remains of Saint Theodora are kept and Saint Spyridon church.
  • The Mon Repos estate. Mon Repos was built as the summer residence for the British Lord High Commissioner of the United States of the Ionian Islands and it is a masterpiece of the neoclassical architecture of 19th century.
  • The famous Kanoni and the nearby island known as Pontikonisi – Greek meaning “The mouse island”.
  • Palaiopolis, the ancient city of Corfu.
  • The region of Gastouri, there is the Achilleion Palace, the famous palace of Empress Elizabeth of Austria (also known as “Sissy”), which nowadays operates as a museum.
Some of the most important museums that one can visit in Corfu are
  • The Archaeological Museum was constructed to house the exhibit of the huge Gorgon pediment.
  • The Byzantine museum of Antivouniotissa.
  • The Banknote Museum that is unique in Greece (it is housed in the building of the Ionian Bank).
  • The Museum of Asian Art.
  • Solomos Museum.
  • Kapodistrias Museum.
  • The Music Museum of the Philharmonic Society of Corfu.
Some of its most famous beaches
  • Sidari
  • Canal d’amour
  • Palaiokastritsa
  • Ipsos beach
  • Paradise
  • Kontokali
  • Perama
  • The suburbs: Mantouki northwest, Saroko among the hills of Avrami and Sotiros, Garitsa that starts from the Douglas column in the southern beach.
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