Kallipefki is located on the west side of the lower Mt. Olympus in the prefecture of Larisa. It is at an elevation of 1054 meters (3600 feet), and its surrounded by thick forests of pine, beech, oak, fir and spruce trees to the west, north and east and to the south by the plateau of the former lakebed of Askirida. The lake was drained in 1911 to make way for farmland of about 5000 stremata (1 strema=1000 sq. meters) (about 1235 acres) that was distributed to the local population. The name of the village is derived from the words of good (kali) and pine (pefki) – “kalipefki”. It is said in that in ancient times Kalipefki was the passageway from the Macedonia to the Thessalia region. It is through this passage that the army of the Persian king Xerxes in 480 b.c. and the roman army of Markios Filippos in 169 b.c. crossed into the region of Thessalia (Greece). During the turkish occupation of Greece the town had about 6000 inhabitants. Today’s visitor to Kallipefki will be greeted with breathtaking views of the surrounding green pine forests, the former lakebed plateau and the view of some of the legendary peaks of Mt. Olympus. The visitor will be able to follow the many local paths and the national path (marked O2), drink the crystal icy mountain waters from the various springs and visit the many small old churches on the hilltops around Kallipefki. One can follow the national path (O2) to the nearby village of Karιa and to the tallest point of Mt. Olympus «mitikas». At the location «Patomeni» (about 500m from the village) there is picnicking facilities with running water, barbecue areas and tables while farther down (‘karavida’) there is open space for «free» camping. Since 1996 the organized campgrounds «eleytheria» (near karavida) have been used by various cub-scout organizations from Greece and around the world for their meetings. There is also a playground for kids and a full basketball court available for everyone’s use. At the village center square «platia» one can enjoy a cup of coffee or the tastes of local mezethes (appetizers) with tsipouro or a full meal under the shade of the platan trees. Kallipefki is located only 24 kilometers (about 30 minutes by car) from the beautiful beaches of the popular summer spots of Platamonas and Agios Panteleimonas and about the same distance from the national highway Larisa – Thessaloniki at the exit by the Tempi tolls. It is located 23 kilometers from the town of Gonni (at the base of the west side of Mt. Olympus, beginning of the ascent to Kalipefki), 58 kilometers from the city of Larisa and 130 kilometers from city of Thessaloniki.

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