Tour of Daphne

The Divine Ride
You are invited to the mythical, cycling event  Tour of Daphne!
You are welcome to experience a special cycling tour in Greece full of  Greek mythology & history!
Revive the myth of first love of the god Apollo with the beautiful nymph Daphne and follow his mythical Delphic route!


'Cycling Hellas' and the Cycling Sports Club PINEIOS, with co-organizers: the Region of Thessaly, the Region of Central Greece, the Municipality of Tempi, the Municipality of Delphi and with the supporters: the Cycling Community 'En kinisi', the Cultural Association 'Dryas', the Antiquities Ephorate of Larissa, the National Emergency Center of Central Greece, the Municipality of Larissa, the Municipality of Farsala, the Municipality of Domokos, the Municipality of Lamia and the Municipality of Gravia, on Saturday 29 of August, carry out the innovative cycling event with the denomination '4thTour of Daphne – The Divine Ride'.

The cycling event takes place under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism of Greek Ministry of Culture & Sports and the Greek National Tourism Organization.Τhe Cyclosportive event of 230 kilometres is an innovative and leading cycling event in Greece which unites history, mythology, culture and sports. It is directly connected to Greek mythology and history, which, it is well known around the world! It is addressed to the enthusiasts of long-distance cycling, and to the fans of the mythology & history of Greece! It starts from the Valley of Tempi and finishes at the  Delphi. 


Tour of Daphne
Cancelled due to COVID
Tour of Daphne

Tour Details

The History

Apollo  Myths

The  love

The myth refers to the unfulfilled first love of the god Apollo with the beautiful nymph Daphne (/dæfni/ Greek: Δάφνη, meaning 'laurel' -the plant), as it was the revenge of young Eros to Apollo. Eros has been frustrated with Apollo who mocked him that he could not throw his arrows far. The God of Love to punish Apollo sent a golden arrow of love with a diamond tip and another from iron with a lead tip that expels love from the heart!

Thus, Apollo fell madly in love with Daphne, Pineio’s daughter (the river God with the same name) and Gaia’s (in Greek: γη, meaning 'earth' and pre-existed with Chaos and God Eros) daughter. Daphne was one of the Nymphs found on the side of his sister Artemis. Each day he hunted her in the woods and expressed his feelings. But the young women did not succumb to his charm.

After a frantic chase and adventures, the moment that the nymph exhausted would fall in the god’s arms, with a cry of desperation asked from her father, the river Pineios, to help her. Her father transformed her into a plant, the laurel (bay), which is found in abundance in the valley when Apollo tried to embrace her. Thus she was found all green and shiny in the banks of the river with her feet deeply rooted in her mother, mother Earth. Her hands became branches and her hair scented bay leaves. Apollo bitter, cut a branch, wove a wreath and wore it to alleviate his grief for the loss of his love. He swore that the bushy 'daphne' in Greek  ( laurel –bay herb-) would be the sacred plant and he would forever wear a laurel wreath. Apollo developed a special reverence for laurel. Daphne-laurel was his sacred plant! Most artistic depictions of the myth focus on the moment of Daphne's transformation.

The  Mythical  Delphic route

The myth refers to the mythical route called 'Delphic route' which started off from Tempi and reached Delphi. According to the myth, God Apollo starts his journey from the Valley of Tempi to Delphi, where he founded the Oracle. The Oracle was the most known oracle of Ancient Greece in that known world. The point it was built was considered the navel of the earth!

In ancient times, in memory of this event, this mythical Delphic route took place every four years. The walkers with laurels, began in procession from the Valley of Tempi to Delphi, as the God himself did, by transferring the laurels to Delphi. 

At the Pythian Games* which were held every four years in Delphi in honour of Apollo, a wreath of laurel gathered from the Vale of Tempe in Thessaly was given as a prize. Hence it later became customary to award prizes in the form of laurel wreaths to victorious generals, athletes, poets and musicians, worn as a chaplet /crown on the head. Became a synonym for peace, glory and perfection.

 *Pythian Games were festive games in Ancient Greece that took place in Delphi to honour the Apollo. They had a panhellenic (Greek National) range and constituted the most important event after the Olympic Games. They included music and sports competitions.


The cyclists follow the traces of Apollo.. they follow the mythical 'Delphic route'. They start off the Valley of Tempi – the Spring of Daphne and they carry laurel branches all the way to the Oracle of Delphi. Along the way, they pass through different cities &villages promoting the history of each place. Setting off from the Valley of Tempi (Spring of Daphne) they move on to Larissa (Ancient Theatre, Hippocrates’s statue), to Farsala (Apidanos river in Achilles & Thetis Statue), to Domokos, to Lamia (the capital of ancient Phthiotis), to Gravia (in Greek  'Chani' means the Inn of heroes)  and they finish at the Oracle of Delphi (the core of the earth), where the cyclists lay the laurel branches in the Archaeological area that they have been carrying all the way...!


Date:  Saturday 29 of August 2020

Start: Valley of Tempi - Daphne Springs 

Start time: 8:00 am

Finish: The Oracle of Delphi. Deposit of laurel branches.

Course: 230 kilometres. Tempi, Evaggelismos, Makrychori, Larissa, Farsala, Domokos, Lamia, Gravia, Amphissa, Oracle of Delphi.

Route Duration: about 9-12 hours.

Level of difficulty: moderate. Average to a good physical condition is necessary.

Ages: Participants older than 18years old

The Course

Course: 230 kilometres.

Start: Valley of Tempi -> Evaggelismos-> Makrychori ->Larissa -> Farsala -> Domokos -> Lamia ->Gravia -> Amphissa -> Oracle of Delphi the finish.\

The athletes can analyze and study the course by clicking on the link:  and and   .  

See more on Course Technical Briefing. 


The 230 kilometres course is recorded on  The Roadbook which will be given to all participants:

Roadbook ENG 1Roadbook ENG 2Roadbook ENG 3

Regulations - Participation Terms


   The right of participation has those who are 18 years of age and will fill the relative participation form.

   The participants will race with their own exclusive responsibility.

   The Organisation Committee (OC) is not responsible for any injury or damage of the cyclists, or any health problems, due to the absence of preventive medical control. The participants by submitting the participation form declare that their health condition is good and permits them to participate and that they have recently been examined by a physician for this reason. No medical certificates will be requested by the OC.

   The OC bears no responsibility for any loss or damage of materials and waives any responsibility for accident or damage that can take place before, during and after the event, among participants, or with third parties.

   Furthermore, the OC reserves the right to expel any participant who demonstrates bad behaviour before, during or after the event.

   It is prohibited for a cyclist to participate in the event starting with the number of other cyclists.

   Expulsion will be enforced to cyclists who will throw garbage outside the feeding zones. Cycling is an ecological sport and we have to defend it in such a way.

   The OC reserves the right to use photos and videos where a participating cyclist appears.


   All the participants must move to the right during the whole duration of the route and observe the Highway Code (H.C.). According to the H.C. lights and gilets are obligatory half an hour before sunrise and half an hour after sundown.

    In case of breakdown on the road, the cyclists stop at the right side of the road, for their own safety and the safety of other passers-by. Necessary equipment for breakdown (pump, inner tube, levers, etc.).

   Control points will exist at the start, Farsala, Lamia, Gravia and finish. Keep a line for your easier service.

   The visiting cyclists participate in the cycling event with their own road bike.

   The cyclists participating in the event and their companions accept the above rules and are obliged to observe them.



 1. General participation terms in the cycling tour / cycling holidays / cycling gateway / sports event / outdoor activity / program

The cycling tour/cycling holidays/cycling gateway/sports event/outdoor activity/program organized by CYCLING HELLAS are suitable for people of all ages & physical condition. The age limit, the degree of difficulty, the level of the physical condition of the participants/cyclists/ competitors are briefly described in the sections of cycling tour/cycling holidays/cycling gateway/sports event/outdoor activity/program.

All underage participants/cyclists/ competitors who are under 18 years old are able to participate under their guardians'  responsibility and need to be accompanied by them.

The only prerequisite for all the participants/cyclists/competitors for their participation in the cycling tour/cycling holidays/cycling gateway/sports event/outdoor activity/program is their good mental and physical health, their will to cooperate with other participants and to follow the rules as they are being set by the organizers/drivers/escorts/trainers.

Any health problems on behalf of the participants/cyclists/ competitors should be referred, given that each one is the only responsible for his /her health, his / her participation in every cycling tour/cycling holidays/cycling gateway/sports event/outdoor activity/program organized by Cycling Hellas.

The participants are responsible to sign up on time and also to make their deposit on time.

2 Awareness and acceptance of objective risks

Participants are aware and accept any possible risks that such cycling tour/cycling holidays/cycling gateway/sports event/outdoor activity/program might have and are aware of the risk of their transition through central and ring roads.

Participants/cyclists/ competitors are advised to have undergone physical examinations relatively recently. On behalf of CYCLING HELLAS, the organizing company, will not be asked a medical certificate, given that all participants /cyclists/competitors are racing under their own and exclusive responsibility and they declare the above.

3. Cycling Hellas responsibility

Cycling Hellas being the organizing company of cycling tour/cycling holidays/cycling gateway/sports event/outdoor activity/program is obliged to provide the most intact and safest equipment, which meets the international specifications, to secure the most intact planning for safe routes, to provide experienced and trained drivers/escorts/trainers/assistants, to inform the participants for any possible risk estimation.

The organizing company is not responsible for possible injuries or any health damage caused to the competitors or possible health problems or death owed to lack of preliminary health checks or to fall off the participant/cyclist/competitor.

The organizing company disclaims any responsibility relative to the physical integrity of the participants/cyclists/ competitors, who are obliged to behave responsibly throughout the race.

The organizing company disclaims any responsibility relative to possible injuries of anyone that participates in the cycling tour/cycling holidays/cycling gateway/sports event/outdoor activity/program under any role (viewer, escort, agent).

The organizing company disclaims any responsibility relative to any loss or destruction of material and is not responsible for possible damages of any type of equipment before, during and after the cycling tour/cycling holidays/cycling gateway/sports event/outdoor activity/program.

The organizing company disclaims any responsibility relative to financial issues for any case and for any of the participant /cyclist/athlete, or any other person under any other role.

4.  Tour/event/ program amendment – postponement- cancellation on behalf of the organizing company

 Cycling Hellas preserves the right to amend the route, to postpone the cycling tour/cycling holidays/cycling gateway/sports event/outdoor activity/program for a short period of time or to transfer them on another date or to cancel them in cases when matters of security or for reasons of force majeure, like natural destruction, unsuitable weather conditions, strikes, other abnormalities arise.

 In cases of cancellation of the excursion/cycling trip/sports event / outdoor activity/program on behalf of the organizing company, the total sum of the participation fee that was deposited by the participant/cyclist/competitor will be refunded. The last is not applicable for any other claims.

5.  Insurance cover

Cycling Hellas, suggests to all participants/cyclists/competitors to take care of their insurance cover before their participation in any of the excursions/cycling trips/sports events / outdoor activities/programs.

6.  Video coverage and use of the picture or other material

Cycling Hellas has the right to use any photograph or video irrespective of the participants that appear in this material. Before the start of the cycling tour/cycling holidays/cycling gateway/sports event/outdoor activity/program, there is made a presentation and a thorough technical briefing.

* The participants of the cycling tour/cycling holidays/cycling gateway/sports event/outdoor activity/program declare that they accept the present terms and are obliged to follow them.


Registration open on October 20, 2019, and ends on July 20, 2020. The participants must fill the electronic Reservation Form.


  • The cost of participation is set at 25 euros.
  • Valid participation is considered to have been settled at least until June 30th.
  • The  payment via bank transfer: IBAN ACCOUNT: GR30 0172 6080 0056 0806 2675 523 - Piraeus Bank Beneficiary Dalavikas Constantine
  • The payment via Paypal.


  • The title of the event Tour Daphne must be entered together with the depositor's name.
  • A cyclist who participates and does not attend the event is not entitled to a refund



The Organization Committee will prepare an envelope for the event participants that will include the number, the participation control card, the Statutory Declaration, the roadbook,  telephone list from Organisation Committee.

NOTE: Attention!! All the athletes must write on the back of the number they will receive, their name, blood group, chronic condition, e.g. allergies, asthma, medication they might take during that period and finally contact details with a relative.

*With your participation, you contribute to the revival of history...!!!

Extras / not included


  •  8€/person    Insurance 
  • 45€ /person  Short sleeve cycling jersey - Tour of Daphne.
  • 65€/person   Bib Short - Tour of Daphne.
  • 35€/person   Αccommodation+ dinner+ breakfast in the Hotel  in Larisa (in 2 or 3 quests capacity).
  • 25€/person   Accommodation+ breakfast in a Hotel in Delphi (in 2 or 3 quests capacity). 
  • 12€ /person The tickets for the archaeological area of Delphi.
  • 26€/person  The come back ticket from Delphi to Tempi. 
  • 38€/person  The come back ticket from Delphi to Thessaloniki.
  • 17€/person  The come back ticket from Delphi to Athens.
The entry includes
  • Technical Briefing at the hotel the previous day.
  • Commemorating medal for all finishers with the event details.
  • Commemorating diploma for all finishers with the event details.
  • The race number as a commemoration.
  • Detailed Roadbook.
  • Control card.
  • Water at the six feeding stations along the route.
  • Food (energy bars, dry fruit, fruit, sweets dairy, products, baked goods, sandwiches, juices) at the six feeding stations along the route.
  • Bar and refreshment at the end for all finishers.
  • Medical support.
  • Mechanical support Service in the stations (Domokos, Lamia, Gravia).
  • Motorcycle escorts.
  • Police escorts.
  • Van or bus for companions-friends of yours.
  • Broom wagon support along the route
  • Transportation of travel bags from the start to the finish point.
  • Technical T-Shirt  - Tour of Daphne.
  • The awards ceremony.
  • Buffet & night celebration in Delphi with Greek music and songs.
  • Digital brochure.

A commemorating diploma and medal with the details of the event will be awarded to all the athletes who finish at the Archaeological area of Delphi.


Course Technical Briefing

Tour of Daphne map


The 230 kilometers course is recorded on a roadbook and on GPS.  The athletes can analyze and study the course by clicking on the link:  and and  . 

During all the course, support cars and refrigerator trucks for providing food and water, service by bike shop “Dalavikasbikes”- in stations for mechanical support for the cyclists, commissaire no. 2 preceding the race, broom wagon, cyclists, companions, first aid vehicles (Ambulance of National Emergency Center another vehicles), truck for the transportation of bicycles, bus, athletes’ companions who wish to accompany behind the group will be moving in a convoy.

The cyclists will necessarily move together in a group to an exact traffic light outside of Larissa. After that point, they can move freely with their own rhythm until the finish.

Checkpoints for stamping the card will exist at the start, at Farsala, at the Central Square of Lamia at the village Gravia and at the finish at Delphi.

The Checkpoint in Farsala opens from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.

The Checkpoint in Lamia opens from 11.30 pm to 3.30 pm.

The Checkpoint in Gravia opens from 12.30 pm to 19.00 pm.

The Checkpoint in Delphi opens from 2.30 pm to 10.00 pm.

For the cyclists who for any reason abandon the course, there is the possibility to load their bicycle on the broom wagon.

The athletes who finish at the organization arch must stamp the card. The award ceremony will take place in a special area near the finish.



There will be six feeding stations with water/food along the route:

1st zone with a food buffet and water at the starting area.

2ndzone with a food buffet and water on the 78th km at Farsala.

3rd zone for food/water on the 107th km at Domokos.

4th zone with a food buffet and water on the 141st km at the Lamia Central Square.

5th zone with a food buffet and water on the 179th km at Gravia.

6th zone mini bar and water on the 230th km at the finish at Delphi. 




Bicycle bag for personal items


10 litre back bag (optional)


Inner tube & levers

Wind-waterproof sleeveless jacket (optional)

Wind-waterproof jacket (optional in case of rain)


Sun cream and sun lipstick

An extra bottle of water

Optionally your own snack

Camera - personal items


Directions to the participants accompanying cars


  • The companions must move behind the group of the participant they accompany. In no way should they precede or obstruct the commissaire’s car preceding the race.
  • The cars must move on the right side of the road as dictated by the Highway Code.
  • The drivers are responsible for their vehicle and must immediately observe the suggestions and directions of the Organization Committee.
  • During the stops/regrouping, they must stop to the right, before or after the cyclists’ stop area, in a way that does not obstruct the smooth circulation of the passing cars and bicycles.
  • They must never precede the main group or single cyclists at a distance smaller than 50 meters.
  • They never follow the main group or single cyclists at a distance smaller than 20 meters.
  • They do not provide assistance to any cyclist in a way that encumbers the smooth circulation, opposes the H.C. and the ethics code for the conduct of cycling races (pulling/drafting a cyclist) or/and encumbers the position of another athlete.
  • In case of emergency or for the provision of help, they must ALWAYS take into consideration the other cyclists and passers-by in general, taking a position on the road that does not encumber the smooth flow and circulation of the cyclists and other vehicles.
  • It is prohibited for the drivers or companions to throw anywhere along the course any object or garbage.

For any enquiries and more details about the accommodation please feel free to communicate via e-mail. 


Friday, August 28:

Arrivals in Larissa city

7.00 pm Guided tour in  archaeological areas

8.30 pm Dinner & accommodation at the hotel  and technical briefing for the Tour.

Saturday 29 August:

6.00-6.45 am Breakfast

7.00 am The organizer' bus transfer all participants from the hotel to the start-up area.

7.45 am Mini Technical Briefing before the start.

8.00 am Start Valley of Tempi - Daphne Springs

Route Duration: about 8-14 hours.

Finish: Delphi. Deposit of laurel branches.

Award ceremony near the finish line.

10.00 pm Αll the participants enjoy a Greek Music Night and dinner.


9.00 am Βreakfast

9.30 am Αll the participants gather so as to enjoy a guided tour in the archaeological area of Delphi.

3.15 pm Bus arrival to Larissa, Tempi & Thessaloniki.

4.00 pm and at 6.45 pm Bus arrivals to Athens.



  We are more than happy to present to you the new cycling uniform of  'Tour of Daphne'. The cycling jersey was designed and coloured taking into account the clearness and the authenticity of the Greek element, the ecological approach of Greek nature. It combines mythology with history and the history of modern Greece. It focuses on the message “Share the street” supporting in this way safe driving during cycling and honouring the 'Divine' cyclist who participates in the divine route! The design was made by Dragon Design team and the production was made by Demaraz sportswear, famous for its high quality.
   The new jersey is available for 45 euros and bib-short for 65 euros, for those who wish to add in their collection!

Cycling jersey Tour of DaphneTour of Daphne Bib Short



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"Tour of Daphne"


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