Tour of Daphne

Tour of Daphne

Cyclosportive Mythical Event

Cycling Hellas gives you the opportunity to revive the myth of Apollon and Daphne by participating in the Tour of Daphne-Cyclosportive Mythical Event" of 230km, which combines history, mythology, culture and sports!

120,00€ / person

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3rd Tour of Daphne - The Divine Ride!

Saturday 31 of August 2019

«Cycling Hellas» and the Cycling Sports Club PINEIOS, with co-organizers: the Region of Thessaly, the Region of Central Greece, the Municipality of Tempi, the Municipality of Delphi and with the supporters: the Cycling Community "En kinisi", the Cultural Association "Dryas", the Antiquities Ephorate of Larissa, the National Emergency Center of Central Greece, the Municipality of Larissa, the Municipality of Farsala, the Municipality of Domokos, the Municipality of Lamia and the Municipality of Gravia, on Saturday 31 of August, carry out the innovative cycling event with the denomination «3rd Tour of Daphne - Cyclosportive - Μythical event».

The cycling event takes place under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism of Greek Ministry of Culture & Sports and the Greek National Tourism Organization. Tour of Daphne unites history, mythology, culture and sports.

 Τhe aim is to develop the athletic, recreational and cultural tourism in our country. In parallel to develop mass sports and cycling in one hand,  and on the other to touristically develop the areas implicated and designate the cultural, historical  elements and local products.

“Tour of Daphne” is an innovative and leading cycling event in Greece. It is directly connected to the Greek mythology and history, which, it is well known around the world! It is addressed to the enthusiasts of long distance cycling, and to the fans of the history of Greece!

Τhe Cyclosportive - Mythical event of 230 kilometres revives the myth of Apollo and Daphne! The cyclists follow the traces of God Apollo.. They start off the Valley of Tempi – the Spring of Daphne, just like the old pilgrims, and they carry laurel branches all the way to the Oracle of Delphi. Along the way they pass through different cities promoting the history of each place. They set off from the Valley of Tempi (Spring of Daphne), they move on to Larissa (Ancient Theatre, Hippocrates’s statue), to Farsala (Achilles – Thetida Statue), to Domokos, to Lamia (At. Diakos statue), to Gravia (Chani of Gravia) and they finish at the Oracle of Delphi (the core of the earth), where the cyclists lay the laurel branches in the Archaeological area that they have been carrying all the way...!

Cycling Hellas gives you the opportunity to travel to the Greek Mythology!

Cyclinghellas  offers you epic tour to the colors and tastes of Greece!

  • Enjoy  the unique Greek hospitality!
  • Enjoy a fully authentic Greek experience!
  • With your participation you contribute to the revival of history...!!!


The History

The myth refers to the unfulfilled first love of the god Apollo with the beautiful nymph Daphne, as it was the revenge of young Eros to Apollo. Eros has been frustrated with Apollo who mocked him that he could not throw his arrows far. The God of Love to punish Apollo sent a golden arrow of love with a diamond tip, and another from iron with lead tip that expels love from the heart!

Thus, Apollo fell madly in love with Daphne, Pineios’ (the river God with the same name) and Gaia’s (in Greek means earth and pre-existed with Chaos and God Eros) daughter .She was one of the Nyphs found on the side of his sister Artemis. Each day he hunted her in the woods and expressed his feelings. But the young women did not succumb to his charm.

After a frantic chase and adventures, the moment that the nymph exhausted would fall in the god’s arms, with a cry of desperation asked from her father, the river Pineios, to help her. Her father transformed her to a plant, the laurel, which is found in abundance in the valley, when Apollo tried to embrace her. Thus she was found all green and shiny in the banks of the river with her feet deeply rooted in her mother, mother Earth. Her hands became branches and her hair scented leaves. Apollo bitter, cut a branch, wove a wreath and wore it to alleviate his grief for the loss of his love. He swore that the bushy “daphne” (laurel) would be the sacred tree and he would forever wear a laurel wreath. Since then laurel is the sacred plant of god Apollo, and became a synonym for peace and was used to crown the winners of athletic games.

The pilgrims crowned with laurel, after the lustration and rituals, began in procession from the temple of Apollo in Tempi for Delphi, as the god himself did, by transferring the laurels to Delphi from the valley of Tempi. In the rituals that took place in Delphi to honour the god Apollo, the use of the laurel was to honour and commemorate the mythical nymph with the same name Daphne that the god had fallen in love with.

The myth explains and justifies the relation of the plant with the prophecies of the Oracle of Delphi. According to the tradition, the oracle of Apollo listened to the rustle of the laurel leaves, Pythia herself, chewed laurel leaves or inhaled the smoke from burning laurel leaves in order to fall in ecstasy and give her prophecies, while the temple was swept with laurel bundles.

The Pythian Games were festive games in Ancient Greece that took place in Delphi to honour god Apollo. They had a panhellenic ( Greek National) range and constituted the most important event after the Olympic Games. They included music and sports competitions. The winners of the Pythian games were crowned with laurel leaves.

In the same footsteps of god Apollo, the cyclists will begin from the spring of Daphne and like the ancient pilgrims will head towards Delphi currying laurels from the valley of Tempi and will deposit to the Oracle.




Date  Saturday 31 of August 2019

Start: Valley of Tempi-  Daphne Springs -

Start time: 7:30 am

Finish: The Oracle of Delphi. Deposit of laurel branches.

Course: 230 kilometres. Tempi, Evaggelismos, Makrychori, Larissa, Farsala, Domokos, Lamia, Gravia, Amphissa, Oracle of Delphi.

Route Duration: about 9-14 hours.

Level of difficulty: moderate. Average to good physical condition is necessary.

Ages: Participants older than 18years old


The Course

Course: 230 kilometers.

Start: Valley of Tempi -> Evaggelismos-> Makrychori ->Larissa -> Farsala -> Domokos -> Lamia ->Gravia -> Amphissa -> Oracle of Delphi the finish.

The 230 kilometers course is recorded on  The Roadbook:

Roadbook ENG 1Roadbook ENG 2Roadbook ENG 3


The athletes can analyze and study the course by clicking on the link: and 

See more on Course Technical Briefing



Regulations - Participation Terms

* The right of participation have those who are 18 years of age and will fill the relative participation form.

* The participants will race with their own exclusive responsibility.

* The Organisation Committee (OC) is not responsible for any injury or damage of the cyclists, or any health problems, due to the absence of preventive medical control. The participants by submitting the participation form declare that their health condition is good and permits them to participate and that they have recently been examined by a physician for this reason. No medical certificates will be requested by the OC.

* The OC bears no responsibility for any loss or damage of materials and waives any responsibility for accident or damage that can take place before, during and after the event, among participants, or with third parties.

* Furthermore, the OC reserves the right to expel any participant who demonstrates bad behavior before, during or after the event.

* It is prohibited for a cyclist to participate in the event starting with the number of another cyclist.

* An expulsion will be enforced to cyclists who will throw garbage outside the feeding zones. Cycling is an ecological sport and we have to defend it in such a way.

* The OC reserves the right to use photos and videos where a participating cyclist appears.


  1. All the participants must move to the right during the whole duration of the route and observe the Highway Code (H.C.). According to the H.C. lights and gilets are obligatory half an hour before sunrise and half an hour after sundown.
  2. In case of breakdown on the road, the cyclists stop at the right side of the road, for their own safety and the safety of other passers-by. Necessary equipment for breakdown (pump, inner tube, levers, etc.).
  3. Control points will exist at the start, Lamia and finish. Keep a line for your easier service.

The visiting cyclists participate in the cycling event with their own road bike.

The cyclists participating in the event and their companions accept the above rules and are obliged to observe them.


The participants must fill the electronic form-declaration and with its submission they accept all the above regulations and terms of the event.             

FINANCIAL TERMS: The athletes have to complete the on – line registration form and to pay the fee within 3 days so as to validate their registration. You ought to make a reserve deposit

by Paypal / Bank Transfer/ Credit Card Payment.

Participation Declaration

Registration open on October 1 2018 and ends on August 25 2019. The participants must fill the electronic Reservation Form.


The Organization Committee will prepare an envelope for the event participants that will include the number, the participation control card, the Statutory Declaration, the roadbook,  telephone list from Organisation Committee.

NOTE: Attention!! All the athletes must write on the back of the number they will receive, their name, blood group, chronic condition, e.g. allergies, asthma, medication they might take during that period and finally contact details with a relative.


  • Full organization from Cyclinghellas.
  • The entry to the " 3rd Tour of Daphne" -Cyclosportive Mythical Event 230.
  • Technical Briefing for the route at the start area.
  • Commemorating medal for all finishers with the event details.
  • Commemorating diploma for all finishers with the event details.
  • The race number as a commemoration.
  • Water at the six feeding stations along the route.
  • Food (energy bars, dry fruit, fruit, sweets dairy,  products, baked goods, sandwiches, juices) at the five feeding stations along the route.
  • Bar and refreshment at the end for all finishers.
  • Provision of medical support during the route.
  • Mechanical support Service in the stations (Domokos, Lamia, Gravia).
  • Insurance coverage for a personal accident during the cycling event.
  • Guide tour along the tour.
  • Van or bus for companions-friends of yours.
  • Broom wagon ( in the route and at the end of tour)
  • Number stickers for the luggage and transportation from the start to the finish point.
  • The awards ceremony, night celebration with Greek food, music and songs.
  • The meal to the ceremony.
  • Tour in the Archaeological areas of Delphi.
  • The ticket for the Archaeological Museum.
  • Short sleeve cycling jersey with Tour of Daphne and Cyclinghellas logos.
  • Technical T-Shirt with Tour of Daphne and Cyclinghellas logos.
  • Cycling bandana with Cyclinghellas logos.
  • The stay at Delfi
  • A souvenir.
  • Digital photo album.
  • The Value Added Tax.


Tour of Daphne DiplomaTour of Daphne medal

 A commemorating diploma and medal with the details of the event will be awarded to all the athletes who finish at the Archaeological area of Delphi.

The cyclists enjoy a Greek Music Night, the award ceremony.


 Tour of Daphne number plate

Tour of Daphne jersey


Course Technical Briefing

Tour of Daphne route 2

The 230 kilometers course is recorded on a roadbook and on GPS.  The athletes can analyze and study the course by clicking on the link:  on  and on share_sig=W5K833391566037179&utm_medium=social&utm_source=android_share

During all the course, support cars and refrigerator trucks for providing food and water, service by bike shop “Dalavikasbikes”- in stations for mechanical support for the cyclists, commissaire no. 2 preceding the race, broom wagon, cyclists, companions, first aid vehicles (Ambulance of National Emergency Center an other vehicles), truck for the transportation of bicycles, bus, athletes’ companions who wish to accompany behind the group will be moving in a convoy.

The cyclists will necessarily move together in a group until the Archaeological Theatre of Larissa. This is the first feeding zone for water. After a brief greeting from the Larissa’s Mayor,  they will move towards the exit of the town and then they can move freely with their own rhythm until the finish.

Checkpoints for stamping the card will exist at the start, at Farsala, at the Central Square of Lamia and at the finish at Delphi.

The Checkpoint in Farsala open at 9.30 am to 12.30pm.

The Checkpoint in Lamia open at 11.30 am to 3.30pm.

The Checkpoint in Gravia open at 12.30 am to 19.30pm.

The Checkpoint in Delphi open at 2.30 am to 10.30pm.

For the cyclists who for any reason abandon the course, there is the possibility to load their bicycle on the broom wagon.

The athletes who finish at the organization arch must stamp the card. The award ceremony will take place in a special area near the finish.

The Control card:

Road book Tour of Daphne 1Road book Tour of Daphne 2



There will be six feeding stations with water/food along the route:

1st zone for water, on the 32nd km at Archaeological Theatre of Larissa.

2nd zone with a food buffet and water on the 78th km at Farsala.

3rd zone for food/water on the 107th km at Domokos.

4th zone with a food buffet and water on the 141st km at the Lamia Central Square.

5th zone with a food buffet and water on the 179th km at Gravia.

6th zone mini bar and water on the 230th km at the finish at Delphi. 



  • Bicycle bag for personal items.
  • Helmet
  • 10 liter back bag (optional)
  • Bandana
  • Inner tube & Levers
  • Wind-waterproof sleeveless jacket (optional).
  • Wind-waterproof jacket (optional in case of rain).
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sun cream and sun lipstick
  • An extra bottle of water.
  • Optionally your own snack.
  • Camera - personal items.


Directions to the participants accompanying cars

  • The companions must move behind the group of the participant they accompany. In no way should they precede or obstruct the commissaire’s car preceding the race.
  • The cars must move on the right side of the road as dictated by the Highway Code.
  • The drivers are responsible for their vehicle and must immediately observe the suggestions and directions of the Organization Committee.
  • During the stops/regrouping, they must stop to the right, before or after the cyclists’ stop area, in a way that does not obstruct the smooth circulation of the passing cars and bicycles.
  • They must never precede the main group or single cyclists at a distance smaller than 50 meters.
  • They never follow the main group or single cyclists at a distance smaller than 20 meters.
  • They do not provide assistance to any cyclist in a way that encumbers the smooth circulation, opposes the H.C. and the ethics code for the conduct of cycling races (pulling/drafting a cyclist) or/and encumbers the position of another athlete.
  • In case of emergency or for the provision of help, they must ALWAYS take into consideration the other cyclists and passers-by in general, taking a position on the road that does not encumber the smooth flow and circulation of the cyclists and other vehicles.
  • It is prohibited for the drivers or companions to throw anywhere along the course any object or garbage.


 You will be informed about the transportation details, via mail by Cyclinghellas. In any case, you don't have to worry about, as Cyclinghellas will transfer you to the start area.


 You will be informed about the accommodation via mail by Cyclinghellas. The Friday accommodation suggested being in Larisa city to the Hotel " Metropol" where the technical Briefing takes place at 8.30 am. 



Friday August 30:

In the night at 20.30am take place the Course Technical Briefing at Hotel Metropol. Visitors are informed of all the details about the Tour.

Saturday  31:

On Saturday morning at 6.00 am, the organizers' bus transfers all participants from their hotels to the start-up area.

Start: Valley of Tempi-  Daphne Springs -

Start time: 7:30 am

Route Duration: about 9-14 hours.

Finish: The Oracle of Delphi. 

After the finish, all the participants enjoy the award ceremony and a Greek Music Night with a Greek free meal.

Sunday September 1:

In the morning after breakfast, all the participants gather so as to enjoy a tour in the archaeological area of Delphi.



In the case of extreme adverse weather, the Organization Committee reserves the right to postpone the event. In case of cancellation the Organization Committee will return the participation amount in whole.


The company Cyclinghellas has undertaken the coordination of the event,

* You can contact us on the following number:  00306944255177 Contact Person: Despoina Tsesmetzidou Dalavika e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Cyclinghellas is eager to host and offers you a rich cycling experience!!!








"A message from the heart into the world's soul,
as long as the insignificant exists on Earth,
to weave with infinite love,
over time and then leave ... "

We thank our teacher, the musician Lapadakis Giorgos for letting us use the song "Apollo and Daphne" for the "Tour Of Daphne"

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