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1 day cycling tour at Eastern Olympus -15km
Sports Tourism in Greece

1 day cycling tour at Eastern Olympus -15km

Price: From 35€/person - Self Guided Tour

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This wonderful cycling tour of 15 kilometres at Easter Olympus sets off from the port of Platamonas.

In Details

 You ride up the hill heading to the traditional village of Old Panteleimon. It is a picturesque mountainous village, which is built on the slopes of Lower Olympus at a height of 700 m. The village was first built at the end of the 14th century. It is certified as a traditional settlement, as it is one of the best samples of the traditional Macedonian architecture in Northern Greece. The village is a “natural balcony” of Lower Olympus, where one can enjoy the amazing view of the Thermaic Gulf, the beaches of South Pieria and the Venetian Platamon Castle.

 You make a short stop to get some rest and have something to drink and eat. You take a walk to enjoy the paved alleys, it is restored stone-built houses, the old church of Saint Panteleimon, the picturesque stores that sell traditional and folk art products.

 During your short descent to the Platamon port, you get to admire for once more nature which is generously spread everywhere. 

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1 day cycling tour at Eastern Olympus -15km

Your Journey in Greece begins

GREECE, HELLAS, is the Cradle of democracy, culture, philosophy, freedom, architecture, sculpture, of the Olympic Games! Cycling Hellas’ team is pleased to guide you to the masterpieces of Greek nature, to the sacred famous treasures, to the Greek culture and tradition, to the ancient mythology and history! Experience ultimate, fully-guided, selected bike tours to unique colors, tastes and homemade creations and meet the authenticity of Greek people. We are looking forward to seeing you in our country and happy to turn your Greek cycling tours & holidays to life experience!
  • Full organization from Cyclinghellas
  • Well-maintained bikes
  • Cycling helmet
  • Equipment (toolbox, inner tubes, pump) for the “bicycle’s good health”
  • Bike Service
  • First aid kit
  • Healthy Snack
  • Commemorating partisipation diploma for all visitors
  • The Value Added Tax
  • Travel Insurance

The price does not include



Platamonas belongs to the the Municipality of Pieria, at the foothills of Olympus Mountain. Thousands of tourists choose Platamonas as their holiday destination during summertime, making Platamonas and Neoi Poroi extremely touristic.

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Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus

  Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, the second-highest mountain range of Balkans, the holy mountain, a landmark of Greek Mythology, the residence of the twelve Gods of Antiquity, a National Forest since 1938, but also a universal monument of culture.

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