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3 days in Greece - cycle in Tour of Daphne
Sports Tourism in Greece

3 days in Greece - cycle in Tour of Daphne

  • All-inclusive (Full course meals, Accomondation)

Price: From 200,00

  • Cycling
  • Visit Archaeological Places
  • Visit Museums

Welcome to the mythical, cycling event  Tour of Daphne!

You are welcomed  to experience a special cycling tour in Greece and in Greek Mythology!

Rivive the myth of first love of the god Apollo with the beautiful nymph Daphne & and the mythical Delphic route!

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In Details

 A View:

You enjoy: A rich experience! Archaeological tours, museums, colours, tastes, Greek history, mythology &  hospitality.

Activities: Cycling | sightseeing  

Difficulty: 3 & 4 level.

Suitable for: All ages 18-70 years old.

Transfer/Transportation: all activities are accompanied by a van during the 3 days tour.

Bike availability: road bikes not included

Extra Night: On request

*The excursion takes place the previous day of the Tour of Daphne

The Tour of Daphne'  Cyclists arrive in Larissa.The day includes a guided tour at arcaelogical areas in Larisssa, technical briefing for the "Tour of Daphne" and accommodation.

Welcome to Larissa, the Mistress of the Flatland of Thessaly!

In Larissa you enjoy a guided tour in Diachronic Museum & in ancient theater of Larissa. The technical briefing  for the "Tour of Daphne" takes place in the hotel after the evening meal.

map Route Details
  • Cycling

Enjoy Tour of Daphne carefully!

Have a nice route!

map Route Details

 Today you enjoy a guided tour at the archaeological area of Delphi.

In the morning after breakfast, all cyclists gather so as to enjoy a tour in the archaeological area of Delphi.

map Route Details

map Route Details
3 days in Greece - cycle in Tour of Daphne

Your Journey in Greece begins

GREECE, HELLAS, is the Cradle of democracy, culture, philosophy, freedom, architecture, sculpture, of the Olympic Games! Cycling Hellas’ team is pleased to guide you to the masterpieces of Greek nature, to the sacred famous treasures, to the Greek culture and tradition, to the ancient mythology and history! Experience ultimate, fully-guided, selected bike tours to unique colors, tastes and homemade creations and meet the authenticity of Greek people. We are looking forward to seeing you in our country and happy to turn your Greek cycling tours & holidays to life experience!
  • Full organization from Cyclinghellas
  • The meals ( dinner on Friday & on Saturday)
  • The stay in 3 or 4 stars hotels
  • Flavors from Greek cuisine and Mediterranean diet. Special, rich and delicious menu
  • Coffee and soft drink
  • Water at the six feeding stations along the route.
  • Technical Briefing at the hotel the previous day
  • Shortsleeve T-shirt with Tour of Daphne logo
  • Commemorating medal for all finishers with the event details.
  • Commemorating diploma for all finishers with the event details.
  • The race number as a commemoration.
  • Detailed Roadbook.
  • Control card.
  • Last 10 km start/finish timing
  • Food (energy bars, dry fruit, fruit, sweets dairy, products, baked goods, sandwiches, juices) at the six feeding stations along the route.
  • Bar and refreshment at the end for all finishers.
  • Medical support.
  • Mechanical support Service in the stations (Domokos, Lamia, Gravia).
  • Motorcycle escorts.
  • Police escorts.
  • Broom wagon support along the route
  • Transportation of travel bags from the start to the finish point.
  • The awards ceremony
  • The night celebration in Delphi with Greek music and songs.
  • Digital travel guide.
  • Short sleeve cycling jersey - Tour of Daphne.
  • Bib Short - Tour of Daphne.
  • The travel insurance of Tour of Daphne

The price does not include



Larissa s one of the most ancient cities and has been inhabited for over 4.000 years. Here lived and died, nearly ninety years old, the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates.Larissa is the Mistress of the Flatland of Thessaly and has to demonstrate lots of Ancient, Byzantine, Ottoman Monuments, Museums and other sights.

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Vale of Tempe

Vale of Tempe

The place where history meets mythology, tradition meets culture, myth meets reality. Tempi or Vale of Tempi is formed between the Mount Olympus and Kissavos (Ossa), in the centre of Greece.

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Zeus let two eagles, one to the East and one to the West and they met at Delphi making it the centre of the world! The oracle of Delphi was called " the Navel of earth" !

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Hop on your bike and live mythical bike tours & cycling holidays to epic Greek treasures!
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