Cycling Tours

Cycling or Multisport tours (1 day /2 days/several days) with road bike, or MTB,or E-bike in the most popular and breathtaking selected regions of Greece


Cradle of the democracy of culture, philosophy, freedom, architecture, sculpture, the Olympic Games.

Central Greece

mythical Olympus the residence of Gods, imposing Meteora a Sacred place, Plastira lake the dazzling place! Masterpieces of nature!


Having an immense experience in cycling, our team plans and organizes one day or multiple day cycling excursions in selected breath-taking areas of Central Greece.

We can offer wonderful cycling or multisport tours and guarantee beautiful and safe rides  with mountain, road  or electric bikes.

The groups are accompanied by experienced certified guides with cycling coaching diploma (UCI 1,2  Level - World Cycling Federation), and mountain bike guide diploma certified according to MIAS ( international cycling certification of mountain guides as well as first aid diploma (First Aid Diploma in emergency situations of EPIZO ( and BLS provider - international certification of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, ERC ( Furthermore we cooperate with rescue teams in the whole of Greece ( We provide all the necessary explanatory information and directions about the route to all the participants about the estimated risks.

The cycling- multisport adventure trips are all inclusive; they include the full balance healthy nutrition, the hospitality and the accommodation in preselected hotels among with other previsions.

We offer you the possibility of providing with our own bicycles and equipment if you do not have your own.

We attend to your escaping from the daily routine, relaxing and living an unforgettable and pleasant experience. Combine your bike tours of recreation and relaxation with your visit in monasteries, in museums, other places of interest ,  villages and coastline of Central Greece, getting to know the traditions, the  history, the mythology, the culture and Greek cuisine of each place at the same time.

Surrender to the unique  inheritance of Greek nature!

Discover wonderful  nature landscape, the Greek culture, ancient mythology and history!

Experience colors and tastes of Greece, and the authenticity of Greek people !

All holiday packs have been created by sports lovers to sports lovers, to give you maximum adventure and enjoyment of your holidays!

Cycling tour - Climb to Eastern Olympus - 86 km

86km road tour, climb with road bikes to the feet Eastern Olympus, bike excursion to get to know the shores of the area, swimming

Cycling | Swimming

  • 59,00€ / person

One day multisport cycling tour at the Eastern side of Mt Olympus &Guided tour at Αncient Dion

multisport & cycling tour at the Eastern side of Olympus mountain & Guided tour at Αncient Dion 

 Cycling Tour at the archaelogical area 

  • 59,00€ / person

One day cycling multisport tour at Plastiras Lake 60km

With Pezoula Beach as our base we start the multisport cycling excursion around Plastiras Lake.

Cycling | Hydro bike | Canoeing | Archer |

  • 65,00€ / person

One-day cycling multisport tour: cycling climb to Olympus (Prionia) - hiking to Enipeas gorge

1day Multisport tour cycling-hiking in Olympus (mythical mountain). Having as our base Litochoro, we begin our 18km cycling climb. From Prionia we start our hiking tour to discover the breathtaking gorge of Enipeas, the most famous Gorge of Olympus.

Cycling | Hiking

  • 65,00€ / person

One-day cycling & multisport tour at Meteora

 1 day multisport tour (cycling, climbing) at Meteora. We visit the famous monasteries and the Natural History Museum and the Mushroom Museum.

Cycling | Tour at the Monasteries

  • 59,00€ / person

Tour of Daphne Cyclosportive - Mythical Event 230km

Cycling Hellas and the Cycling Sports Club PINEIOS, with co-organizers: the Region of Thessaly, the Region of Central Greece, the Municipality of Tempi, the Municipality of Delphi and with the supporters: the Cultural Association Dryas, the Antiquities Ephorate of Larissa, the National Emergency Center of Central Greece, the Municipality of Larissa, the Municipality of Farsala, the Municipality of Domokos, the Municipality of Lamia and the Municipality of Gravia, on Saturday 31 of August carry out the innovative cycling event with the denomination "3rd Tour of Daphne"- Cyclosportive - Μythical event.

1 day Cycling -Multisport Tour at Kissavos (cycling- hiking- touring at monastery on Kissavos mountain)

Our 1day multisport tour on Kissavos Mountain  starts from the Central Square of Anatoli village  at 950m. We visit by bike   the historic Monastery of Ioannis Prodromos and then on  descend we following two options: cycling tour to Metaxochori and Agia, or trekking on national path O2, which unites Kissavos, to Pelion and Olympus.

Cycling | Hiking | Tour at the Monasteries

  • 49,00€ / person

One day multisport tour (cycling-guided tour) at Vale of Tempe

multisport & cycling tour from Pierias' shores  to the Valley of Tempe,tour in  the village of Ampelakia  & Agia Paraskevi,riverside of Pinios river

Cycling | Tour

  • 59,00€ / person

Our cycling adventure starts at Kalambaka that constitutes the city-gate of the huge stone complex of Meteora. On the 2nd day we have our cycling tour around the Plastiras Lake.

Cycling | Climbing | Tour at the Monasteries

164,00€ /person all-inclusive (bandana,full course meal, accommodation)

On the 1st day we go to the Holy Place of Meteora for cycling  tour to the Natural History Museum and the Mushroom Museum..On the 2nd day we are directed for a cycling tour and other multisport activities to Lake Plastira.

Cycling | Climbing | Hydro bike | Canoeing | Archer | Tour at the Monasteries

174,00€ /person all-inclusive (bandana, full course meal, accommodation)

Hiking on the 1st day, having as our base the village of Litochoro, we begin to discover the breath-taking gorge of Enipeas, the most famous Gorge of Olympus. On the 2nd day we move to Kalabaka that constitutes the city-gate of the huge stone complex of Meteora, for a cycling tour.

Cycling | Hiking | Climbing | Tour at the Monasteries

184,00€ /person all-inclusive (bandana, meal, accommodation)

Greece: Shades of big blue….sea, sky! Shades of endless green…Greek nature, alternations of unique vegetation!

Greece: a place charged with history, archeology, mythology and religion, through the centuries, constituted the corner stone for democracy and civilization of the Western World, continues until today to consist a very important cradle of culture and tourism.

Cycling Hellas, in 7 days multisport tour, guides you to the  treasures of Central Greece and transfers you in places of fascinating beauty with images coloring the soul and soothing the mind…

Mythical Olympus mountain  the residence of Gods, imposing Meteora a Sacred place, Kissavos a view to the Aigian Sea. Masterpieces of nature, ancient mythology and history!

A View:

Vacation Type: Guided multisport tours/ multi activities

Activities: Cycling | Swimming | Hiking| Climbing | Yoga | Museum | Greek Cuisine | Greek Mythology 

Difficulty Level:  medium  all cyclists' levels (leisure, moderate, challenging, endurance, experienced).

Suitable for: all ages 18-70 years old, for all type of cyclist: racing cyclists, amateur cyclists, recreational bikers.

You visit: mt Olympus, mt Kissavos, Meteora, coastline of central Greece!

You enjoy:  multisport trips, varied activities, rich experience, archaeological tours, colors, tastes, history, mythology, hospitality of Greece.

Transfer/Transportation: all activities are accompanied by bus during the 7days vacations.

Bike  availability: fitness & road bikes included.

Min 8 persons, max 40 persons

Extra Night: On request

Price:   for 8days/ 7night

1.100,00€ / person


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