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One day multisport cycling tour at the Eastern side of Mt Olympus &Guided tour at Αncient Dion

One day multisport cycling tour at the Eastern side of Mt Olympus &Guided tour at Αncient Dion

We start early in the morning from our hotel and we ride our bikes to the noticeable archaeological area of DION, which lays in the base of mount Olympus. After the tour is completed we get back to our bikes, so as to ride by the sea for 66 kilometers passing by all the coastline villages.

We pass by Plaka, Leptokarya, Skotina and at the same time we enjoy all the awarded coasts of Pieria on our left and the base of the mythical mount of Olympus on our right. As soon as we reach the outskirts of Platamona we will make a stop to admire the famous Venetian castle dated back in the 10th century, which is strategically located in the area.

We admire the beautiful view and then we continue our cycling route until we reach the village Neoi Poroi. The majestic route gets completed as soon as we return to Leptokarya by bike or bus.

 DAY 4 Dion tour bike tour in the eastern Olympus


8:30 Departure for Dion with road bikes

9:30 We begin our guided tour to the archeological area of Dion

11:30 We start our  road bike trip into the wonderful shores.

59.00/ person

Price includes   Price excludes

Duration: ~6 hours

Cycling Swimming Visit to historical place/ museem

Meeting Point: Leptokarya

Start: Leptokarya

Finish: Neoi Poroi

Suitable for: participants ages older than 18 years old with moderate level of fitness

Overnight: Paralia, Pieria

Recommended equipment list

  • Small cycling back bag.
  • Bicycle bag for personal items.
  • Helmet
  • Bandana
  • Wind-waterproof sleeveless jacket (optional).
  • Wind-waterproof jacket (optional in case of rain).
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sun cream & lips sun cream.
  • Camera, personal items.
  • Dion


    The village of Dion is situated near the archeological area and 15 km away from Katerini,in the northern foothills of Olympus. It used to be called Malathria, because of the plant malathra (marathos) that was flourishing in the area.

    Ancient Dion

    Dion is an area in the foothills of Olympus. Today it is known all over the world because of the discovery of a very important Macedonian city. The ancient kings of Macedonia have chosen Dion for their summer residence. There they created, many centuries ago, a settlement in the ruins of which the elements of ancient Macedonian Civilization are obvious.

    About 700 B.C. Isiodos singing Zeus’s divine love forThiia, the daughter of the Greeks’ fore father Defkalionas, he says that she got pregnant and gave birth to two children, Magnitas and Makedonas, who lived in Pieria around the mountain Olympus. The sacred location of Zeus in that area was Dion, in the foot hills of Olympus.

    The excavations revealed that Dion constituted the sacred town of Macedonians during antiquity. The archeologists brought to light some findings that testified the existence of a brilliant and thriving civilization : remains of an ancient theater, the sanctuaries of Dimitra, of Isida, of Dionissos and the Asklipio, streets with shops, the cemetery and the city walls,the Hellenistic and roman theater, the roman baths with lots of sculptures, palace findings, the Conservatory, as also a palaiochristianic basilica cemetery of outside the walls. Many of the findings are exhibited today in the Archeological Museum, in the village of Dion. Most of the graves belong to royal members. Today we can admire the remains of this civilization in the archeological area of Dion and in the Archeological Museum of Dion.

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