Ionian to Aegean Sea: 7days cycling & multisport tour

Greece: Shades of big blue….sea, sky! Shades of endless green…Greek nature, alternations of unique vegetation!

Greece: a place charged with history, archeology, mythology and religion, through the centuries, constituted the corner stone for democracy and civilization of the Western World, continues until today to consist a very important cradle of culture and tourism.

Cycling Hellas, in 7 days multisport tour, guides you to an amazing jurney from Ionian Sea to Aegean Sea! Its an exploration to the treasures of Northen, Mainland Central  Greece and coastline of central Greece !

Meet places  rich in cultural and historical inheritance, be  fascinated by the rare Greek beauty which coloring the soul and soothing the mind…

Corfu the most popular and impressive island in the Mediterranean Sea, Historical and Multicultural Ioannina,  imposing Meteora a Sacred place, Kissavos a view to the Aigian Sea, Mythical Olympus Mt  the residence of Gods! Masterpieces of nature, ancient mythology and history!

A View:

Vacation Type: Guided multisport tours/ multi activities

Activities: Cycling | Swimming |  Archaeological Places | Museums | Greek Cuisine | Greek Mythology.

Difficulty Level:  medium  all cyclists' levels (leisure, moderate, challenging, endurance, experienced).

Suitable for: all ages 18-70 years old, for all type of cyclist: racing cyclists, amateur cyclists, recreational bikers.

You visit: Corfu island, Ioannina, Metsovo,Meteora, Mt Kissavos, Mt Olympus, the coastline of Pieria in central Greece!

You enjoy:  multisport trips, varied activities, rich experience, archaeological tours, colors, tastes, history, mythology, hospitality of Greece.

Transfer/Transportation: all activities are accompanied by bus during the 8 days vacations.

Bike  availability: fitness, e-bikes & road bikes included,  but you could bring your own bike if you want.

Min 8 persons, max 40 persons

Extra Night: On request

Price:  1250 for 8days/ 7night

1st day: Visitors' Arrival in Corfu Island

Αrrival and the welcoming of the visitors at Corfu. Rest / walk around the town/ swim in a nearby and famous beach Kontokali/ diner and walk around the atmospheric Old Town of Corfu

It will not be long until you realize that you have been visited a magical world. 

2nd day:Cycling tour in the city of Corfu

Early in the morning we ride our bikes and go for a tour in the historical city center, so as to discover the hidden beauties of Corfu.

The today’s ride of 110 kilometers distance starts early in the morning in the city of Ioannina heading to Metsovo and  to the city of Kalampaka and the Holy area of Meteora.

5th day: Cycling tour in Meteora

We are at Kalampaka that constitutes the city-gate of the huge stone complex of Meteora.The first visit is the hovering Monastery of «AgiosStefanos ». From there the cycling tour begins in a downhill route with a direction to the monastery «Big Meteoro» and then to the monastery «Varlaam».

The masterpiece of the nature spreads before our eyes. The holy place constitutes a breath taking spectacle!....

6th day: Cycling tour from Larissa city to coastline of Pieria

 We set of from the hotel early in the morning and we reach Larissa by bus, the capital of Thessaly. Our cycling journey starts from the Ancient Theatre  and finishes at Platamon beach for a recovery swim.

Α wonderful cycling excursion of 15 kilometers sets off from the port of Platamonas. We ride up the hill heading to the traditional village of Old Panteleimon. It is a picturesque mountainous village, which is built on the slopes of Lower Olympus at a height of 700 m.

Our wonderful long cycling trip from the Ionian Sea to the Aegean Sea is completed!

3rd day: Cycling tour 93km from Igoumenitsa to Ioannina

The cycling tour in North and Central Greece starts today! Setting off from Corfu, we travel by boat through the Ionian Sea, so as to reach the port of Igoumenitsa. Our cycling destination is Ioannina city.

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