Cancelation Policy

 If you wish to cancel your tour, you can call us or contact us via the contact form.

Please note that in case you are cancelling the booking, the following policy applies:

100% refund 30 days in advance

80% refund 29-20 days in advance

50% refund 19-7 days in advance

0% refund less than 7 days in advance

If service is cancelled by Cyclinghellas you will be offered an alternative date/time/location.

If you don’t agree to the offered alternate date/time/location, you will receive 100% refund.

CYCLING HELLAS preserves the right to amend the route, to postpone the cycling tour / cycling holidays / cycling gateway / sports event / outdoor activity / program for a short period of time or to transfer them on another date or to cancel them in cases when matters of security or for reasons of force majeure, like natural destruction, unsuitable weather conditions, strikes, other abnormalities arise.

  In cases of cancellation of the excursion/cycling trip/sports event / outdoor activity/program on behalf of the organizing company, the total sum of the participation fee that was deposited by the participant/cyclist/competitor will be refunded. The last is not applicable for any other claims.

Cancelation Policy
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