1. ALL THE ABOVE ORGANIZED EVENTS BY CYCLING HELLAS ARE DESTINED TO VARIOUS AGES OVER  18 YEARS AND DIFFERENT LEVELS OF PHYSICAL CONDITION: The age limit and the level of physical condition of the participants is mentioned on each event/excursion/tour/activity. Persons below 18 years old must be accompanied by their guardian. The only condition for the participation is the good mental and physical health, the disposition for cooperation with other participants and the observance of the directions of the guides/companions/trainers. Any health problem by a participant must be reported, because everyone must undertake full responsibility of his/her health for all activities/events/tours/programs.
  2. CYCLING HELLAS RESPONSIBILITY: As an organizer of events/tours/trips/outdoor activities, it bears the responsibility to provide the best and safest equipment that observe the national standards, and guarantee the best possible planning for safe routes, to provide experiences staff and trained guides/companions/trainers/volunteers, to inform the participants for any risk evaluation. The organizer bears no responsibility for any loss or damage of materials and waives any responsibility for accident or damage that can take place before, during and after the event/tour/trip/activity, among participants, or with third parties.
  1. KNOWLEDGE AND ACCEPTANCE OF OBJECTIVE RISK: The participants are aware and accept the potential risks included in outdoors activities.
  2. PROGRAM CHANGE OR CANCELLATION BY THE ORGANIZER: CYCLING HELLAS reserves the right to modify or cancel the program or activity before its start for reasons of safety or force majeure (natural destruction, unsuitable weather conditions, strikes and other similar events). In this case, the whole amount paid by the participants is returned in full and they (the participants) cannot demand compensation.
  3. COVERAGE AND USE OF PHOTOGRAPHIC AND OTHER MATERIAL: CYCLING HELLAS reserves the right to use photos and videos where a participating cyclist appears without any problem.

With the beginning of any event/ tour/ activity / program all the details are presented and a technical briefing takes place.

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