Terms of service

  1. Participation terms in the sports event / outdoor activity / program

    The sport event/outdoor activity/program organized by CYCLING HELLAS are suitable for people of all ages & physical condition. The age limit, the degree of difficulty, the level of the physical condition of the participants/cyclists/ competitors are briefly described in the sections of cycling sports event/outdoor activity/program.

   All underage participants/cyclists/ competitors who are under 18 years old are able to participate under their guardians'  responsibility and need to be accompanied by them.

   The only prerequisite for all the participants/ cyclists / competitors for their participation in the cycling tour/cycling holidays/cycling gateway/sports event/outdoor activity/program is their good mental and physical health, their will to cooperate with other participants and to follow the rules as they are being set by the organizers/drivers/escorts/trainers.

  Any health problems on behalf of the participants/cyclists/ competitors should be referred, given that each one is the only responsible for his /her health, his / her participation in every sport event/outdoor activity/program organized by Cycling Hellas.

 The participants are responsible to sign up on time and also to make their deposit on time.

  1. Awareness and acceptance of objective risks

  Participants are aware and accept any possible risks that such cycling tour/cycling holidays/cycling gateway/sports event/outdoor activity/program might have and are aware of the risk of their transition through central and ring roads.

   Participants/cyclists/ competitors are advised to have undergone physical examinations relatively recently. On behalf of CYCLING HELLAS, the organizing company, will not be asked a medical certificate, given that all participants /cyclists/competitors are racing under their own and exclusive responsibility and they declare the above.

  1. Cycling Hellas responsibility

  Cycling Hellas being the organizing company of sport event/outdoor activity/program is obliged to provide the most intact and safest equipment, which meets the international specifications, to secure the most intact planning for safe routes, to provide experienced and trained drivers / escorts / trainers / assistants, to inform the participants for any possible risk estimation.

 The organizing company is not responsible for possible injuries or any health damage caused to the competitors or possible health problems or death owed to lack of preliminary health checks or to fall off the participant / cyclist / competitor.

  The organizing company disclaims any responsibility relative to the physical integrity of the participants/cyclists/ competitors, who are obliged to behave responsibly throughout the race.

  The organizing company disclaims any responsibility relative to possible injuries of anyone that participates in the cycling sport event/outdoor activity/program under any role (viewer, escort, agent).

  The organizing company disclaims any responsibility relative to any loss or destruction of material and is not responsible for possible damages of any type of equipment before, during and after the cycling sport event/outdoor activity/program.

 The organizing company disclaims any responsibility relative to financial issues for any case and for any of the participant /cyclist/athlete, or any other person under any other role.

  1. Event/ program amendment – postponement- cancellation on behalf of the organizing company

  Cycling Hellas, preserves the right to amend the route, to postpone the cycling sport event/outdoor activity/program for a short period of time or to transfer them on another date or to cancel them in cases when matters of security or for reasons of force majeure, like natural destruction, unsuitable weather conditions, strikes, other abnormalities arise.

  In cases of cancellation of the sports event / outdoor activity / program on behalf of the organizing company, the total sum of the participation fee that was deposited by the participant / cyclist / competitor will be refunded. The last is not applicable for any other claims.

  1. Insurance cover

  Cycling Hellas, suggests to all participants / cyclists / competitors to take care of their insurance cover before their participation in any of the sports events / outdoor activities / programs.

  1. Video coverage and use of the picture or other material

   Cycling Hellas, has the right to use any photograph or video irrespective of the participants that appear in this material. Before the start of the cycling sport event/outdoor activity/program, there is made a presentation and a thorough technical briefing.

* The participants of the cycling sport event/outdoor activity/program declare that they accept the present terms and are obliged to follow them.

Terms of service
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