Outdoor sports tours & activities

One-day or multi-day cycling, mountaineering or multisport tours.

Racing sports

Cycling, running races and multisport events.

Mass sports

Recreational or social cycling or bicycle camps.

Come to Cycling Hellas!


Our vision: To promote and develop the athletic, recreational, cultural, educational, religious tourism in Greece. To promote the athletic ideals, develop the sport of cycling and running, designate bicycle as an alternative ecological means of transportation, enhance mass sports with the participation of all the ages.

The athletic education, ecological sensitivity, volunteerism, knowledge of local geography, rich mythology and history of each place, local traditions, culture and religious elements of our country are designated through our outdoors activities, races and events for recreation and sports. CYCLING HELLAS with each opportunity and initiative cooperates and works with passion to cultivate and reinforce the athletic culture and conscience of people, for everyone through sports, tourism and culture to expand and tighten their relations.

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The founders of Cycling Hellas are trained athletes, coaches and mountain guides with mountain bikes, tested and always ready to offer exceptional events & services. They will teach the secrets of cycling and the joy of exploration with a bicycle. They started with a vision. To make your holidays, a life experience! To offer you incredible moments full of surprises to carelessly enjoy nature and alternative tourism.


If it is something that makes Cycling Hellas stand apart is our friends - volunteers and our associates. Cycling, running, climbing, parapente aficionados, certified mountain guides, but above all mountain and nature enthusiasts with rich interest greatly support our events and undertake to offer you special experiences that surpass the expectations of the most demanding individual!

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Cycling Races

Cycling Hellas in cooperation with local authorities and sports clubs organizes cycling races in the most popular regions of central Greece. Cycling Hellas has already organized many successful and established athletic events offering a unique experience both to the participants and the spectators!

Road Races // MTB Races

Running Races

Cycling Hellas in cooperation with local authorities and sports clubs organizes running races in the most popular mountains and the most beautiful regions of central Greece.

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Ποδηλατικές Περιηγητικές Εκδρομές

Cycling Tours

Having an immense experience in cycling, Cycling hellas plans and organizes one day or multiple day cycling or multisport tours or bike holidays, for all ages, in selected breath-taking areas of Central Greece. Enjoy wonderful and safe rides with trekking, fitness, mountain, road or electric bikes.

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Mountaineering Touring Trips

Cycling hellas having experienced and certified mountain guides at its disposal plans and organizes one day or multiple day hiking (trekking) or multisport tours, for all ages, in selected breath-taking mountains: Mythical Olympus, wonderful Kissavos, Holy Meteora.

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Cycling Hellas organizes mountain excursions combined with activities such as paragliding from Kissavos mountain and Voras Mountain (Kaimaktsalan). The best taking off area in Greece!


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Cycling Hellas organizes recreation & training camps for youngster and adult athletes for all ages.

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Bicycling Events

Cycling Hellas organizes entertaining, educational and social sports events to cultivate the athletic culture.

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