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Enipeas Gorge

The breathtaking gorge of Enipeas is the most famous Gorge of Olympus.

Enipeas Gorge

  According to the mythological tradition, Tyro, daughter of king Salmoneus and Alkidiki fell in love with Enipeas, the most handsome of the river gods, son of Oceanus and Tethys. God Poseidon, who saw Tyro and fell in love with her, took the form of Enipeas, in order to take her. She was deceived and accepted Poseidon. The god of waters then revealed his identity to Tyro and announced the birth of their twin children, Pelias and Nileus.

Still, according to mythology, Leto, Apollo’s and Artemis’ mother, used to bathe in the waters of Enipeas, while the gorge of Enipeas was the place the Maenads devoured the hero Orpheus, a poet and famed musician.

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