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Kissavos Hill Climb - Anatoli

Cycling Races in Greece

Cycling Hellas, Pineios Cycling Clumb, the Municipality of Agia and the Cultural Association of Anatoli "Ioannis o Prodromos" organize the 28th Kissavos -Anatoli Hill Climb. It is a 33 km well-established road race.

Race categories: Cadets, Juniors, Women, Men, Masters, OPEN.


Place: Agia, Larissa

Start: Agia

Finish: Anatoli, Larissa


Περιφέρεια Θεσσαλίας / Περιφέρεια Στερεάς Ελλάδας

Δήμος Λαρισσαίων / Δήμος Μετεώρων / Δήμος Τεμπών / Δήμος Αγιάς / Δήμος Ελασσόνας/ Δήμος Κάτω Ολύμπου