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Old Panteleimon

   It is deep into nature and it is built in an altitude of 700 m at the side hills of Mount Olympus. One can admire the beautiful view towards Thermaikos Gulf, the coastline of South Pieria and the Venetian Castle of Platamonas. It has been characterized as a traditional village and it is one the best samples of the traditional Macedonian architecture in South Greece.

   In the central cobbled square of the village with its plane trees, you can visit the church of Saint Panteleimonas, the old school which has been restored and the traditional taverns. Just outside the village there is the only environmental school of the area. As you walk through the narrow cobbled streets of the village, you can admire the restored stone houses and the picturesque shops, which sell traditional products and folklore art.

   As we are heading towards the village and the surrounding area, we have the opportunity to be closer to the forest which is full of chestnut trees, beech trees and arbutuses and to admire the impressive flora and fauna of Kato Olympos. Olympus Mountain, the house of the Gods, is the first area in Greece which was set under the regime of protection and it was denounced as a National Forest in 1938.

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