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Its geographical position gives you an unimpeded view to sunrise. In every sunrise one can admire its marvelous colors as they are spread over Kissavos, the flatland of Thessaly, the township of Aghia and its villages, Mavrovouni, Pelio, the sea of Aghiokampos, even the islands Skiathos and Skopelos.

Anatoli is one of the highest villages of Kissavos and it is in the fourth place, in matters of altitude after Spilia, Ampelakia and Magalovriso.


The stone one-arch bridge in the central square of the village.

The monastery of St John the Baptist

The Monastery of the Honorable Forerunner is located three and a half kilometers away, on the west side, of the village Anatoli, in Aghia. It is located at Mount Kissavos (Ossa) and it is built in a 1100 meters height. It was built by Saint Damianos from Kissavos, in 1550 A.D., who also organized the cenobitic community of the monastery, which kept progressing until the 2nd World War. Then, the Monastery was abandoned.

In 1980, close to the meta – Byzantine initial building, the monks of Athos started building the new wing, which they abandoned in 1985. Since July 2000, the Monastery has undertaken the responsibility to create an international unit of nuns (Orthodox nuns coming from different countries). The very same nuns are responsible for the operation of the Retreat “Saint Paul” in Athens. They also occupy with the so-called “operational arts” and at the same time with biological agriculture and livestock farming.

The way this monastic community understands the multinational character of the monastery, it qualifies it to have an international mission, which certifies with proofs that in Orthodox Church there is no discrimination between nations, people and languages. The Monastery is also known for its biological agricultural and husbandry products, mainly dairy products and their derivatives, so as to secure their income.

From time to time the nuns organize group meetings so as to discuss a variety of matters concerning the Orthodox Church, the life in a Monastery, environmental issues and other relevant subjects.

The main target both for the Monastery and the rest of the people is the restoration of the Old Monastery, which is considered to be a jewel of the local architecture, but also the pride of the cultural inheritance of Thessaly. 

The Mother Superior is the nun Theodekti and the community consists of 15 nuns and 5 novices.

The Ecclesiastic Museum

The Folklore Museum

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