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RACE DECLARATION 3rd Meteora MTB Race 2018 - Vasilis Eustathiou

Sunday, May 6, 2018

The aim of the event is twofold. On the first place is to give prominence to the aesthetic beauty of Meteora city and secondly to give boost to the cycling culture and to designate both the bicycle and the sport of mountain biking.

Supporters of the race are: the Climbing Club of Kalampaka and the Runners Club of Kalampaka.

The race is carried out under the regulations of the Hellenic Cycling Federation and the UCI.

On Sunday, May 6: Two races will be conducted; OPEN 1 – the short route of 18km and OPEN 2 – the long route of 33km.

The organization committee of the race was inspired and is based on experienced athletes and organizers who are expressly connected to sports and the nature.

Cyclinghellas is looking forward to host you and to offer to you a complete cycling event – experience.

Tour of Daphne - The Divine Ride

Tour Of Daphne

Tour of Daphne


An innovative Cyclosportive event in Greece. Take part in a cycling tour full of Greek Mythology.

August 29, 2020
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Tour of Daphne - The Divine Ride

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Our focus is to share with you our love and passion for cycling and travel, to help you choose the best tour for you in epic Greek destinations, to guide you to the glamour of the past, to mythical rides, to get maximum comfort, enjoyment and the unique Greek “hospitality”!  

Hospitality the Greek word “Philoxenia”- (in Greek=φιλοξενiα) etymology love + guest or "guest-friendship", refers to the practice of caring and aid a stranger at home. It is deeply rooted in Ancient Greeks’  rituals, that are expressions of an authentic relationship between the stranger (guest) and host, based on generosity, courtesy, and friendship.

For the Ancient Greeks, it was the norm to welcome and take care of the stranger by offering them shelter. They believed in the right of hospitality and they considered it as their moral obligation and holy rule of the Gods. The Greek god Zeus is sometimes called Zeus Xenios — as he was also a protector of travellers. The foreigners they were thought to have been sent by the Gods, they were considered to be holy persons, valuable and respected. 

WELCOME TO GREECE! -  In Greek  «Kalos orisate »-  ΚΑΛΩΣΟΡΙΣΑΤΕ! 

We'll guide you to places that will make you feel like a local!

Hop on your bike and live mythical bike tours & cycling holidays to epic Greek treasures!

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