RACE DECLARATION 3rd Meteora MTB Race 2018 - Vasilis Eustathiou

Sunday, May 6, 2018

On Sunday, May 6, 2018, Cycling Hellas, Cycling Sports Club, PINEIOS, the Region of Thessaly and the Municipality of Meteora (Kalampaka) co – organize the Panhellenic MTB Cycling race, under the registered name “3rd Meteora MTB race 2018 – Vasilis Eustathiou” for the third consecutive year. The race will take place in the picturesque area of Meteora and it is dedicated to the memory of the Athlete and Friend Vasilis Eustathiou, as a tribute to Vasilis and his family.

The aim of the event is twofold. On the first place is to give prominence to the aesthetic beauty of Meteora city and secondly to give boost to the cycling culture and to designate both the bicycle and the sport of mountain biking.

Supporters of the race are: the Climbing Club of Kalampaka and the Runners Club of Kalampaka.

The race is carried out under the regulations of the Hellenic Cycling Federation and the UCI.

On Sunday, May 6: Two races will be conducted; OPEN 1 – the short route of 18km and OPEN 2 – the long route of 33km.

The organization committee of the race was inspired and is based on experienced athletes and organizers who are expressly connected to sports and the nature.

Cyclinghellas is looking forward to host you and to offer to you a complete cycling event – experience.


Date: Sunday, May 2, 2018

Place: Kastraki of Meteora

Race: XCO MTB (Mountain Biking)

Categories of the race:

OPEN short route 1: OPEN Youth 15-18, OPEN Senior Males 18+, OPEN Senior Females one category.

OPEN long route 2: OPEN Senior Males A1: up to 18, A2: 18+, A3: 30+, A4: 40+, A5: 50+, and  OPEN Senior females one category.

ΟΡΕΝ e-bike long route 2: OPEN Senior Males in one category.

Start time: 11 a.m.

Start – Finish: Kastraki square, Kalampaka.

The Course



The 18 klm route is a part of 33 klm route.

The small route (18klm) in GPX:


The big route (33klm) in GPX:



Regulations - Participation Terms

The participants of the race (athletes – escorts) accept the terms and are obliged to comply with them.

All athletes that are over 18 years old have the right to participate, after they have completed the registration form. The athletes participate under their own responsibility. The organization committee is under no conditions responsible for any injuries or harm in the health of the athletes or for any health problems due to the deficiency of preventive medical care. By submitting their participation, the athletes guarantee that their health condition is good, they are allowed to race and they have recently been examined by a doctor. Finally, the organizers are not responsible for any loss or harassment of any materials’ of the participants, under any status.

It is suggested to all participants to have recently undergone all the necessary medical examinations. The organizers will not demand any medical certificate, since all participants are racing under their own responsibility. As far as the juvenile participants are concerned, they are racing under the responsibility of their legal guardians and they are obliged to present an affirmation in lieu, where they declare the above, and they deliver it to the Registry of the race.


Registration opens, for all categories, in February 15 and closes in April 30.

By the expiration of the above date, no registration will be acceptable. The participants will have to complete the on-line participation form and by its submission they consent to the regulations and terms of the event.

SIGN – UP & BIBS PICKUP: Participants may address either to the Registry of the race on Sunday, May 6 from 9:00 a.m. until 10:15 a.m. or to the Briefing on Technical issues on the previous day.


Participation Declaration

FINANCIAL TERMS: The athletes have to complete the on – line registration form and to pay the fee of 15 euros within 5 days, so as to validate their registration. You ought to make a reserve deposit on the following account:

IBAN:   GR30 0172 6080 0056 0806 2675 523 - Piraeus Bank

RECIPIENT: Dalavikas Kostas / Tsesmetzidou Despoina

COMMENTS: the name of the race “METEORA MTB” and the full name of the depositor.  



  1. A T-shirt of the event for those who register on time until 20/04.
  2. A commemorative medal for everyone.
  3. The bib of the race as a memorabilia.
  4. Water supply.
  5. Gels, electrolytes, bananas at the supply points.
  6. A free lunch for all athletes after the finish of the race.
  7. Medical services.

FIRST AID: In the area of the race there will be an EKAB ambulance, a doctor, the team of the Climbing Club of Kalampaka and the Runners’ Club of Kalampaka.


The award ceremony of the winners will take place at the Kastraki square.

AWARDS: Each athlete that takes the first place will be awarded with a cup, a medal and a diploma. Athletes who finish in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th place will be awarded with a medal. However, all participants will be awarded with a commemorative medal. The winners’ presence in the award ceremony is considered to be obligatory.

The official results of the race will be announced at the same day until 20:00 p.m in the webpage www.cyclinghellas.gr

Course Technical Briefing

For those athletes who will be in Kalampaka on Saturday, there will take place a briefing on all the technical issues of the race. The briefing will be held in the hall “Nitsa Liapi”, which is placed behind the 1rst Primary School of Kalampaka, at 19:00 p.m. For everyone’s convenience on the day of the race, and given that the number of the participations, during the briefing will also be distributed the bibs of the athletes. It should be noted that there will also be held a short technical briefing on Sunday, at 10:40 a.m. at the starting line of the race.

SUPPLY POINTS: For OPEN short route there will be one (1) supply point. For the OPEN long route there will be three (3) supply points. By the finish of the race there will be served out a free lunch for all the athletes.


The organizers of the event have secured low prices in the hotels of the area for the athletes who will choose to arrive on Saturday in the area of Meteora ( Kalampaka or Kastraki). The athletes are kindly requested, for their own service, to make an early reservation. Below there is a list of all the selected hotels and camping. In the camping you can find rooms, caravans and tents for rent in very low prices. The last also provides you with a swimming pool and green scenery.

VS Rοοms www.ziogasrooms.gr  tel: 2432024037 ,

Hotel Grand Meteora tel :2432023105 www.grandmeteora.gr  ,

Hotel Kastraki  tel :2432075336-2432075335 www.hotelkastraki.gr ,

Hotel Meteoritis  tel:2432078401 www.meteoritis.com ,

San Giorgio Villa tel :2432075255 www.sangiorgiovilla.com ,

The Hotel Meteora tel:2432078180 www.meteorahotels.com ,

Guesthouse Lithos tel: 2432025005 www.meteora-lithos.gr  ,

Spanias Hotel tel :2432075303 www.hotel-spanias.com ,

Hotel Orfeas tel 2432077445 www.hotel-orfeas.gr ,

Rooms Batalogianni Zoi tel 2432023253.

Meteora Central Hostel tel 697 780 9016.   

Camping Vrachos Kastraki tel :243022293 www.campingkastraki.com



  • 19.00p.m. Briefing on Technical Issues – Registration in the hall “Nitsa Liapi”


  • 9:00 a.m. until 10:15 a.m. Registration in the Registry of the race.
  • 10:40 a.m. Briefing on Technical Issues.
  • 11:00 a.m. Start of the race.
  • 14:00 p.m. Award Ceremony for the winners in the Kastraki square.


UNEXPECTED EVENTS: The organizers preserve the right to alter the present announcement in case of an unpredicted event or any other alteration. In any case there will be an on time notice of the athletes through our webpage and the social media of the event. For whatever is not predicted by the announcement, the Supervisor Committee of the event will decide immediately and it preserves the right to make any alterations.

CANCELLATION – POSTPONTEMENT – ALTERATION: In cases of extreme weather conditions, the organizers of the event preserve the right to postpone or even to cancel the race. In cases of cancelation of the race the organizers will refund a 100% of the amount that had been deposited to the participants.


If you wish to find more details about the race or to have a constant and valid notice you can visit our webpage www.cyclinghellas.gr or the pages of the event on facebook.


& https://www.facebook.com/cyclinghellas/

Telephone numbers: tel 6940759250 Mpatalogiannis Christos,6983472736  LAgoudis Panagiotis, 6944226876 Dalavikas Kostas- Technical Service of the race, 6944255177 Tsesmetzidou Dalavika Despoina – Registry Manager.





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