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Cycling Lessons in Larissa



Cycling lessons and skills in Larissa.
Learning and training of safe cycling for children and adults.

At Cycling Hellas Academy we focus on cycling education by offering learning lessons and safe cycling training for all ages (children and adults).

The "SAFE CYCLING" training and learning courses are divided into 3 categories according to age.

𝟑-𝟕 years

𝟖-𝟏𝟔 years


The lessons are very enjoyable, utilizing teaching aids that make learning easy and playful. They are offered as private private lessons in groups of 1-2 people.

Students develop their skills with an experienced coach & experience a fun and unique lesson, completely geared towards their goals!

Our goal is to equip riders young and old with the fundamental riding skills needed to make their ride fun, safe, independent and confident! To offer practice to active cyclists who want to improve their cycling skills in safe urban cycling. In addition to support all riders to adopt a healthy way of exercising to maintain a healthy mind and body.

The physical and social benefits of cycling are endless!

Those who are welcome for a lesson are:

Parents or children wishing to be trained responsibly in safe cycling in the city!
Adults who wish to improve their cycling skills and knowledge in busy city traffic!
They want to practice proper cycling of a specific (daily) difficult route!
They want to practice proper cycling at night or in bad weather conditions!
The course content includes:

Theoretical training

Introduction to safe riding and other bike-related topics.

Learning & Training

Training of correct cycling-driving behavior.
Basic bicycle handling skills.
Learning bicycle techniques (skills & exercises).
Instructions for safe riding & traffic rules.
Proper helmet adjustment for a safe fit.
Tips for safe cyclists & bike equipment.
Technical advice on mechanical control and bicycle maintenance.

Practical training

Familiarisation and commuting in parks, urban or interurban environments.
-On completion of the course, the trained cyclist is awarded a participation diploma!

Cycling Hellas Academy cycling getaways!

Cycling training excursions are organized on dirt terrain, in urban or interurban environments (low-traffic roads). Small groups (2-5 persons) of children (10+ years old), teenagers & adults.


Cycling Lessons in Larissa


Cycling Races

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